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EMIS Coordinator
Contact Information
Novalee Hillard    

EMIS Coordination, Director of Admissions, Homeless Liaison,

Foster Care Point of Contact 


  754 East Fourth Street
Franklin, OH 45005
Phone:   937.743.8602 x1440


What is EMIS

EMIS (Educational Management Information System) is the statewide data collection system for Ohio's primary and secondary education.  Staff, student, district/building, and financial data are collected through this system.

 The EMIS data files are used in a variety of ways:

  • State and Federal Reporting

The EMIS provision in law (Ohio Revised Code section 3301.0714) requires that certain student, staff, and financial data elements be collected and maintained by school districts and subsequently submitted to ODE.  One of the primary functions of EMIS is to streamline state and federal reporting requirements for  school districts.

  • Funding and Distribution of Payments

EMIS provides a streamlined system for districts to report information required to receive state funding and to determine eligibility for federal funding.  EMIS automates the complexity of the funding formulas specified in Ohio law so that districts do not have to interpret the legislation to calculate and report data.

  • Academic Accountability System

EMIS data is also used in Ohio's academic accountability system for students, schools, and districts.  It allows ODE to collect, analyze, and report data to a variety of audiences, such as policymakers, educators, administrators, and the general public, who need data to gauge the performance of the students. 

  • Statewide and District Reports

EMIS provides data to ODE for the generation of state reports such as; accountability reports and the local report card (LRC).  Other statewide reports are produced from EMIS for legislators, educational organizations, and policy and research needs.