Superintendent Michael Sander
Dr. Michael D. Sander      Superintendent of Schools

  150 East Sixth Street
Franklin, OH 45005
Phone:   937.746.1699



Lynn Hetzler     Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Phone:   937.746.1699


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A Letter from the Superintendent 

Greetings from Franklin City Schools!
Thank you for visiting our website; we hope you find it useful and full of news about the great things that our students are doing in and out of the classrooms.
The school year just behind us, 2017-18, was full of achievement and honors for our students, and we are looking forward to 2018-19. We'd be remiss if we didn't congratulate the Class of 2018, who earned a record $3 million in scholarships!
Our students’ recent successes are built on the foundation of a strong faculty, staff, and administration, and made possible by the confidence of our district voters, who passed a levy in November 2014. When the levy passed, the Board of Education promised improvements in several areas. 
The first promise was to make significant upgrades in our technology. This coming school year, we will be completely one-to-one (each student has their own laptop) in grades 7 through 10. Additionally, we just rotated the first set of laptops to the elementary buildings from the junior high to increase the number of units in early grades. By the year 2020-21, we will be 100% one-to-one in grades 7 through 12. Another benefit of our technology upgrades is that we have achieved the state mandate to do all of our state assessments online.
A second promise was to implement all-day kindergarten. We are in our fourth year of all-day kindergarten, and the benefits of this are evident as our MAP scores continue to rise and we see an increase in the numbers of students passing the third grade reading guarantee. Students who have benefited from full-day kindergarten routinely score above the national average. In general, our students’ achievement on national tests has increased each year and our students perform near the national average.
A third promise was to upgrade our bus fleet. We continue to purchase new buses on a regular schedule and the average age of our fleet is trending downward. 
A fourth promise was to increase the number of dual enrollment courses (where students earn both a high school and a college credit) for our high school students. The available offerings have increased from one course in ’13-’14 to twelve this year, with more in the pipeline. Courses range across the curriculum from biology and math to English, foreign languages, and theater. In fact, Franklin is the only district in Warren County to have dual enrollment course in theater.
In March, the district signed an agreement that created the Early College Information Technology Pathway. This program will allow FHS students to graduate with both a high school diploma and one year of a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology. Students who successfully complete the coursework will earn priority acceptance to either the University of Cincinnati or Sinclair Community College in the Information Technology program, where they'll enter as second-year students. This partnership includes Franklin High School, Warren County Career Center, Sinclair Community College, and University of Cincinnati.
Another new partnership benefiting FHS students is a pilot program with United Way of Warren County, Warren County Foundation, and others. This workforce development initiative program is designed to match students who will be entering the workforce immediately after high school, and who have not sought training through the Career Center, with good paying jobs available right here in Warren County.
Across all grades, the district has worked to increase curricular rigor and has spent more than $750,000 over the last three years to bring on new textbooks, both hard copy and on-line versions. Other classroom initiatives include more problem-based learning and STEM activities, and with help from the McLane Foundation, we are expanding our computer programming and robotics offerings. Four buildings, Gerke, Hunter, Franklin Junior High, and Franklin High School will have robotics clubs this coming year.
The board also recently took action to increase student safety by adding a school resource officer. Because the district has realized cost savings from greater use of technology and the need for fewer hard copies of items such as textbooks, the district was able to absorb the cost for the resource officer without adversely impacting other budget areas. This officer will be place when the new school year begins in August.
The district has also partnered with LifeSpan, Inc. and Catalyst Counseling to help meet the mental and social needs of our students; these services are covered by grants and benefit students at no cost to the district. Additionally, to meet our students’ nutritional needs, four of our elementary buildings now have 100% free breakfast and lunch; those buildings also have no school fees for students.
All in all, with the academic and extracurricular offerings we have in place and continue to add, it’s an exciting time to be a student at Franklin City Schools. And while we are meeting the needs of our students today, our sights are set on potential new facilities in the next couple of years. 
We will be welcoming several new administrators this school year including Robyn Donisi, who will be returning to the district as assistant superintendent; Erin Truesdell, principal at Hunter Elementary; and Alicia Mailhot, assistant principal at Franklin Junior High. We look forward to working with them.
As always, if you have comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.