All Franklin City Schools are closed through April 30. Please continue to follow social media and district website for updates. 

Student nutritional services are offering meal services at various locations. Please see information here for more details. 





District Mission & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Franklin City Schools, a progressive, community-based school district, is to guarantee all students can grow, develop, and learn to their fullest potential by providing a challenging, individualized curriculum; an exemplary, compassionate staff; and a state-of-the-art, safe and supportive learning environment.

District Goals

Goal: Student Performance: The academic achievement of all students in the Franklin City School District will improve as indicated by building/district assessments, standardized tests, the State indicators and an increased number of students passing classes per grade level.

Goal: Student Social Emotional Development: The Franklin City School District will integrate activities and curriculum to promote and increase positive social emotional growth and development of students in order to increase self-esteem, attendance, academic performance, and an awareness of future life goals.

Goal: School Environment: The Franklin City School District will become a safer, more nurturing, educational environment maximizing all the resources effectively and efficiently for all students and employees.

Goal: Communications and Public Relations: The Franklin City School District will utilize a variety of conventional and newly emerging technological means to improve positive communication with all facets of the school community (faculty, staff, parents, and students) the business community, etc.

Goal: Funding: All funding sources will be sought and will be effectively and efficiently utilized to optimally support the mission, goals, and the overall operation of the district.

Goal: Supporting Practices: All practices, endeavors, activities that are planned, performed, sought after, etc. will support the achievement and social/emotional growth endeavors of the students.