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Schenck Awards

Posted on: June 1, 2020

Even though they could not be presented in person, Schenck Elementary awarded two of its extraordinary students a very special honor on Friday, May 22. 

The Eli Nardi Award has been given to a 6th grade student every year since 2014.  Eli was a student who attended Schenck Elementary from 3rd-6th grade and was diagnosed with childhood cancer at the age of 10.  During his many years of chemotherapy and radiation, he loved coming to school and could always be seen with a smile on his face. He loved school and spending time with his classmates and friends.  He was always respectful to everyone and got all his schoolwork done, even when he was at his sickest. Eli lost his battle with cancer on January 31, 2013 at the age of 12.  Eli was the son of Tommy and Allison Howard.

Every year the staff select a 6th grade student in his memory who emulates some of Eli’s most outstanding characteristics. The staff look for a student who is brave in the face of adversity, has overcome obstacles with a smile on their face, and has been an inspiration to others in the building.  

This year’s award was given to Callen Johnson, son of Chip and Amy Johnson.  Callen was selected because he always has a smile on his face, is eager to learn and is adored by his classmates. 

The Ronnie Charles Award has been given to a 4th grade student every year since 2017.  Ronnie was a student who attended Schenck Elementary from 1st-4th grade and was diagnosed with lung cancer at a very young age.  During his sickness, Ronnie came to school as much as he could.  He loved being around students and teachers and loved being part of the class. He was silly and playful and enjoyed free time with his friends. Ronnie lost his battle with cancer at the age of 10 in 2018.  Ronnie was the son of Doug and Maria Dickey.

 This year’s award was given to Ronnie’s younger sister, Ariyanna Blackstone, daughter of Doug and Maria Dickey.  Ariyanna was selected because she has overcome the adversity of growing up with an older brother that had a lifelong terminal illness. She enjoys coming to school and really missed her time with her teachers and friends during the recent quarantine. 

The two students were notified by phone and will receive a certificate in the mail.  Next school year a formal ceremony will be held to honor these two students with the students of Schenck Elementary, staff, and parents of Eli and Ronnie.  A plaque with all the recipients of these awards is on display at the school and Callen and Ariyanna’s names will be added.  

In the front of Schenck Elementary, two trees have been planted in memory of these two boys--a Cherry Blossom tree for Eli and an Autumn Blaze Maple for Ronnie. 


Irgens-Allison Purvis, Cartar Roberts, Triston Belt, Adrien Bonar, Kimberly Stacey, Gracie Hillard, Abigail Squires, Brady Brown, Matthew Carl, Addison Defrates, Jazmyn Angel, Aliya bowling, Emma Harmon, Jenna McGuire
Rice-Hannah Miller, Addison Standifer, Clori Young, Tanner Welte, Jayden Prater
Erwin-Trisha Patel, Sienna Finton, Connor Leach, Daniel Osborne, Connor Ramsey, Betty Combs, Anyiah Napier, Elijah Koss, Arianne Cortes, Damien Mosier, Zoey Wilson, Gavin Couch, Conner Jennings
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Fenton-Rilynn Geisler, Haidon Meadows, Tyler Begley, Timothy Harris, Tommy Hollon
Bailey-Shelby Davis, Mylie McGee, Alexis Farley, Skyler Terzin, Kaleb Curtis, Cameryn Parker
DeHart-Emilee Dottry, Adam Carn, Rohan Barnthouse, Callen Johnson, Dillon Smith, Cole Watkins, Danny Pulido
Myers-Anakin Perez-Higdon, Acheron Marcum, Olivia Marshall, Tyler Beck, Montannah Stewart, Hunter Wilson
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