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Potential Closure Preparations

Posted on: December 9, 2020 5:00 pm

Potential Closure Preparations


Franklin City Schools continues to do the absolute best to provide the safest learning environment possible for students and staff. Warren County is at a purple-level on the COVID-19 Advisory Map.The district set specific thresholds for closure should Warren County reach the purple designation. Those thresholds center around an inability to staff departments in transportation, food service, or instruction. We are extremely close to hitting several of those thresholds. 

While we are committed to keeping our students in face-to-face instruction, the potential for district closure is near.  If this occurs, the notification for parents would be similar to the inclement weather notifications that arrive early in the morning and seem last-minute. You can find them on our district Twitter, Facebook, and website along with an “all-call” at the district level. We do not want you to feel completely unprepared so that you can use this time now to make potential preparations for your students in the event of a closure. 

In the event of a building or district closure, Tier 3 units ONLY at Hampton Bennett, Gerke, Junior High, and High school will report along with the Tier 2 units at Pennyroyal. Each building has individual guidance on providing instructions via distance learning or through paper/pencil assignments in the event of an extended closure.

While we recognize this is a challenging time for our families, we appreciate your trust in us as a district.