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Homecoming Dance Expectations

Posted on: October 10, 2016


In order to guarantee a safe and enjoyable time for all in attendance, it is important to understand and abide by certain expectations.  It is your responsibility to know and follow such expectations.  These expectations apply to both FHS students and guests.

  1. The Homecoming Dance is a school event and as such all students/guests must abide by the FHS Student Code of Conduct.  Failure to abide by these expectations may result in dismissal from the dance (with no refund) and additional disciplinary consequences.

  2. The Homecoming Dance is held Saturday, October 15th from 8:00pm to 11:00pm

    • Students/guests should not arrive before 7:45pm

    • Students/guests will not be admitted to the dance after 8:30pm (tickets will not be refunded)

    • Students/guests choosing to leave before 11:00pm will not be readmitted, will receive no refund, and parents/guardians will be notified of departure

  3. Students must be in attendance at school the day prior to the Homecoming Dance (Thursday, October 13th) in order to attend the dance.

  4. All guest forms were due Wednesday, October 2nd.  These are no longer being accepted.  Guests must be in at least 9th grade and under the age of 21.  

  5. Students who have not served or completed disciplinary consequences assigned prior to the dance cannot attend the dance.  

  6. Students/guests will not be permitted to leave the high school facility during the dance

    • Students will not be permitted to go to their cars to retrieve forgotten belongings

  7. Students/guests are expected to wear semi-formal attire

    • No hats, canes, or other objects will be permitted

    • Semi-formal attire must be worn at all times and may not taken off during the dance

    • Students/guests and their belongings are subject to administrative searches (purses may be checked to insure no inappropriate materials are contained within)

    • Franklin High School is not responsible for lost/stolen belongings

  8. No food/drink will be permitted in the gymnasium

  9. Students must remain in designated areas at all times: Main Lobby, Cafeteria, Gymnasium, Gymnasium Lobby, and Auditorium (for pictures only).

  10. Dancing: students/guests are reminded that this event is a high school dance, not a party or nightclub.  Therefore, there are certain standards that should be maintained.  Students/guests should not dance in a sexually explicit manner, remain upright while dancing, and should not run on the dance floor.  Violations of these expectations will be addressed.  Continued violations may result in dismissal from the dance without refund.  

  11. The Homecoming Dance should be a safe place for all in attendance.  Students/guests arguing or approaching others in a hostile or harassing manner will be dismissed from the dance without refund.