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Student Achievement

Posted on: September 29, 2020 7:00 am
At its Sept. 28 meeting, the Franklin Board of Education recognized a number of students for achievement. Students honored for earning 10 quarters of straight As through the third quarter of last school school year were Landon Middleton, Andrew Jenkins, Emma Morgan, Levi Moyer, Spencer Blair, Elijah Koss, Jonah Williams, Kendra Allen, and Isabella Barker. Two Schenck students were honored for the year-end awards they had received: Callen Johnson (Eli Nardi Award) and Ariyanna Blackstone (Ronnie Charles Award). Two students were honored for having won the Archie Griffin Award at Franklin Junior High: Sophia Aldridge and Carter Black. Eli Alanis and Audrey Sove were honored for being named the 7th Grade Wildcats of the Year; Kensington Black and Jacob Eyink were honored for being named the 8th grade Wildcats of the Year. Franklin established the Student Achievement Award in January 2001 to honor students who have demonstrated  exceptional achievement in academics, community service, or character. Hundreds of students have been honored since the award's inception.     
Caption picture one: Front row, from left: Ariyanna Blackstone, Andrew Jenkins, Emma Morgan, Elijah Koss, Spencer Blair, Landon Middleton. Back row: Levi Moyer, Callen Johnson, Jonah Williams. 
Caption picture two: Front row, from left: Carter Black, Kensington Black, Kendra Allen, Audrey Sove, Isabella Allen, Eli Alanis. Back row: Jacob Eyink, Sophia Aldridge.