The regular meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month, at 6:00 p.m. Hampton Bennett Administration Building, Board Conference Room.

Board work sessions are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Hampton Bennett Administration Building, 150 E. Sixth Street.

The January Organizational Meeting will begin at 5:45 pm - Budget Hearing - 6:00 pm for Regular Meeting.  

Note: There will be only one Board meeting scheduled for the months of July and December.

2016 Board Meeting Schedule

NOTE:  The November 14, 2016 meeting has been moved to November 7, 2016 (OSBA Capital Conference).

2016 Board Meeting Agenda

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2016-Mar-14 Work Session Minutes
2016-Mar-21 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Apr-11 Work Session Minutes
2016-Apr-25 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-May-09 Work Session Minutes
2016-May-23 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Jun-13 Work Session Minutes
2016-Jun-27 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Jul-25 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Aug-08 Work Session Minutes
2016-Aug-22 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Aug-29 Special Meeting Minutes
2016-Sep-22 Work Session Minutes
2016-Sep-27 September 27, 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Oct-10 October 10, 2016 Work Session Minutes
2016-Oct-24 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Nov-07 Work Session Minutes
2016-Nov-28 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Dec-19 December 19 2016 Regular Meeting Minutes
2017-Jan-09 January 9 2017 Organizational Meeting Minutes
2017-Jan-23 Regular Meeting Minutes
2017-Feb-13 Work Session Minutes
2017-Feb-27 Regular Meeting Minutes
2017-Mar-11 Board Retreat Meeting Minutes
2017-Mar-13 Work Session Minutes