School begins on September 8, 2020. This is a change to the student start date. 


COVID-19 Updates - Guidance has been released about the district reopening plan for fall 2020. Click the link below to learn more:






New Facilities Planning:

Franklin City Schools has a significant opportunity – 57% funding from the State of Ohio through the OFCC's ELPP (Expedited Local Partnership Program) – to build new schools and invest in the future of our kids and our community. Members of the Franklin community participated in a COMMUNITY ADVISORY TEAM where they spent the last 6 months developing community supportable options to address the needs of FCS and take advantage of the State's funding offer. Through the work of this team, three options were developed for review. Information can be viewed in the video to the right or down the slides here

The Options: 


Please consider providing input to the district on our new master facilities plan. The input of the community is vital to this process. The district does not want to move forward without a community  supportable plan. You can access the survey at the end of the video or Slides. 

Any questions? Please contact the Superintendent's Office at 937-746-1699.

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