Pennyroyal Elementary School

Elementary Counselor 

Candace Gibbs


Gerke Elementary School

Schenck Elementary School

Pennyroyal Elementary School

Anthony Wayne Elementary School

Hunter Elementary School

Phone:   937.743.8601 or call the individual building

To help each child help him or herself to change what they can, cope with what cannot be changed, and set themselves up for success academically and socially.
All elementary buildings are served. Approximately one day a week is spent in each elementary building.

Counseling Activities:
Individual Counseling, Classroom Group Guidance, and Referral to outside agencies.

Referral can be made by principal, parent, teacher or the student themselves.

Reason for Referrals:

  • Concerns with making and keeping friends.
  • Concerns over behavior.
  • Adjustment to parental loss through divorce or death.
  • Coping with changes at school or in the home.
  • Assist student in developing a positive self-image.

Good communication between the school and home is essential to the Franklin Counseling Program.

Counseling is done on a confidential basis and is a service to all students.