Franklin Junior High School

About Our School

Franklin Junior High School  was built in 1921 (Grades 6-12); 1948 - Became a 4 year high school until 1955 when the Hampton Bennett School opened to house Grades 7, 8 and 9;   Remained a high school (Grades 10-12) until 1969 when the new Franklin High School was built on E. Fourth Street.  The building then officially became Franklin Junior High housing Grades 7 and 8.

Enrollment: Grade 7 - 264; Grade 8 - 212 Total: 476

Ethnic Composition: 96.4% - White; 1.3% - Hispanic; 2.1% - Multiracial; 0.2% - Black

Technology to support student learning consists of:

Smartboards (interactive whiteboard) in all classrooms; Three (3) PC Student Labs and One (1) Mobile PC Lab; PCs Lab (12) in Media Center;  iPad devices; iMovei Lab (housed in the Hampton Bennett ECC/Administration Building), Student Response System; Web-based learning access, limited wireless access and district adopted standardized software applications. 

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Franklin Jr. High School is a 7th and 8th grade building of approximately 500 students and 40 staff members. FJHS operates within the middle school concept as students are grouped into two academic teams at each grade level. Four academic teachers (math, science, English language arts, and social studies) and an intervention specialist work together with each team of students. Eighth grade students have a semester experience in both French and Spanish, unless they are taking year long foreign language. High School credit in Algebra I, Spanish, and French is offered to students that qualify academically. All students have the opportunity to experience up to 4 unified arts experiences during the school year; which include Art, STEM, Wildcat Choir (8th grade only -year long), Vocal Music, Band (year long both 7th and 8th), Technology, Study Skills, Health, and Physical Education.

Franklin Jr. High School is a member of the Making Middle Grades Work school improvement network which includes over 350 middle schools in 19 states. FJHS was awarded for Commitment To Student Academic Achievement and Career and College Readiness from the years of 2005-2012. FJHS was one of only 7 middle schools in the MMGW network to receive the Making Middle Grades Work (MMGW) “Gold Award” for improved achievement in 2009. The “Gold Award” recognizes improved achievement in 2006 – 2008 test scores in reading, math, and science among over 350 schools participating in the MMGW program. FJHS was also recognized in the fall of 2014 for improvement with the State Performance Index (PI).  The PI comes from how well the students did on the State assessments and how many students passed. 

Franklin Jr. High School also offers an extracurricular and co-curricular program for our students to extend their involvement and learning beyond the school day. Interscholastic athletic opportunities are offered in football, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, softball, baseball and track and field. Students can also become involved in Student Council, “Paw Press” Newspaper staff, Drama Club, Bowling Club and other co-curricular activities during the school year.