Per Governor DeWine's Executive Order, all Franklin City Schools are closed through the remainder of the 19-20 school year. Please continue to follow social media and district website for updates. 


All board of education meetings are being live streamed at the link here


Student nutritional services are offering meal services at various locations. Please see information here for more details. 

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School Time Accidental Insurance Coverage

Posted on: June 23, 2017

Your child is protected while attending regular school sessions. Also covered is travel directly to and from your Residence to attend regular school sessions for travel time required, but not more than one hour before or after regular classes. Travel time on the school bus is extended for any additional time needed. In addition, coverage is provided while participating in (or attending) covered activities exclusively organized, sponsored and solely supervised by the school and school employees, including travel directly to and from the activity in a Designated Vehicle furnished by the school and supervised solely by school employees. Optional coverage may be required for interscholastic sports. See OPTIONS for available optional sports coverage, if any. The application for coverage is linked below. Please contact the athletics department with any additional questions.

Insurance Application