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January 202 Student Achievement

Posted on: January 31, 2020 7:00 am
Board honors students for achievement:
At its January 27 meeting, the Franklin Board of Education honored a number of students for academic achievement. Six students were honored for earning straight As for 10 or more quarters, and one was honored for winning an essay contest for the 8th grade Washington. D. C. Those students were, from left, Jack Berry (Hunter, straight A's), Christopher Mullins (FJHS, straight A's), Trey Newsome (FJHS, essay contest winner), Zoe Back (FJHS, straight A's), Laila Black (Hunter, Straight A's), Mya Hurst (Gerke, Straight A's), and Paisley Hamm (Gerke, Straight A's). Franklin established the Student Achievement Award in January 2001 to honor students who have demonstrated  exceptional achievement in academics, community service, or character. Hundreds of students have been honored since the award's inception.