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Spanish National Honor Society Inductions

Posted on: January 7, 2016
Tags: High school, Student recognition, Spanish

On Thursday, January 6th 2016, 45 Franklin High School students were inducted into the Spanish National Honor Society.

The Spanish National Honor Society is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish III-V, which recognizes high achievement in Spanish courses to promote growing interest in Hispanic studies. To be eligible for membership, students must meet the following criteria:

a)     Students must be actively enrolled in an upper-level Spanish class (Spanish III or higher).

b)     Students must have received all A’s and B’s in Spanish classes from levels one through five or have a 3.6 overall average in Spanish classes from levels one through five.

c)      No student is eligible until the 10th grade (National By-Laws).

d)     Students must never have failed a class due to attendance.

e)     Students must have a good behavior record and not have had recorded incidents of cheating, plagiarism, misconduct, insubordination, or intentional dishonesty.

Each year members must engage in one activity from each of the following three categories:

1) Academic Commitment: current enrollment in a Spanish class, publication in ¡Albricas!, the Sociedad’s national literary publication, and maintenance of an overall GPA of 3.6 or better in Spanish.

2) Franklin High School Community Commitment: 15 hours of community service. At least 10 of the hours must be provided by the SNHS chapter or related to Spanish.

3) Global Commitment: participation in the following: researching and sharing the value of Spanish for a career, volunteering as an interpreter/translator at a nearby hospital or other greater community location, posting news from around the Spanish-speaking world to provide global awareness for the greater school community, participating in an exchange program, and/or seeking opportunities to interact with heritage speakers of Spanish from outside of the U.S.

Congratulations to this year’s inductees of the Franklin High School Esteman Mateus Williamson Chapter of the Spanish National Honors Society!

2015-2016 SNHS Members:

1) Abigail Hill – Spanish III

2) Alexis McGuire – Spanish III

3) Austin Akers – Spanish III

4) Brendan Adkins – Spanish III

5) Brianna Sizemore – Spanish III

6) Brianna Brogan – Spanish III

7) Brooke Sizemore – Spanish III

8) Caedmon Mills – Spanish IV

9) Caitlyn Parsons – Spanish IV

10) Cameron Slaton – Spanish III

11) Candace Smith – Spanish III

12) Charlotte Caldwell – Spanish III

13) Chastity Stapleton – Spanish III

14) Chloe Johnson – Spanish III

15) Cole Hecht – Spanish III

16) Emily McNinch – Spanish IV

17) Erin O’Connell – Spanish IV

18) Hallie Taylor – Spanish III

19) James Jenkins – Spanish V

20) Karalyne Dreyer – Spanish III

21) Karli Kinser – Spanish III

22) Kaylee Bishop – Spanish III

23) Keely Briggs – Spanish III

24) Kelsey Cowell – Spanish III

25) Kyla Dishun – Spanish III

26) Lauryn Bender – Spanish IV

27) Leah Watkins – Spanish III

28) Lexie Norris – Spanish III

29) Logan Miller – Spanish III

30) Logan Jobe – Spanish IV

31) Lucas Smith – Spanish V

32) Mackenzie Faulkner – Spanish III

33) Madison Thompson – Spanish V

34) Maggie Biltz – Spanish III

35) Mikayla Abner – Spanish V

36) Morgan Abner – Spanish III

37) Morgan Gentry – Spanish III

38) Nathaniel Jeffery – Spanish IV

39) Nicholas Tolson – Spanish III

40) Rachael Kindred – Spanish III

41) Rowan Karrick – Spanish III

42) Samantha Jones – Spanish III

43) Shelby Hedric – Spanish III

44) Siok Kiam Felisa Dosado – Spanish V

45) Zachery Glomb – Spanish III