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Scheduling for 16-17

Posted on: January 29, 2016

The scheduling process for the 16-17 school year will begin next week.  Guidance counselors will be meeting with current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders to explain the course selection process.  During these meetings, students will be given a course registration form, which students will use to choose the courses they wish to take next year.  We highly encourage parents to discuss these course selections with students, and a parent signature is required on the form to assure all are aware of the choices being made.

As will be communicated to the students, the course registration process should be taken seriously and given careful consideration.  At the high school, we make scheduling, staffing, and supply decisions based on student course registration.  Because of these decisions, we will severely limit the ability of students to drop or switch classes next year.  Students, with parent guidance, need to take the time now to consider the best course options for them.  

We have posted the 16-17 Program of Studies on this website for your consideration.  This can serve as a resource as students decide what courses are best.  The Program of Studies includes course descriptions and prerequisites for all courses offered.  This document can be accessed on the main high school page from the link listed on the left-hand side.  The guidance department is also available for questions and needed assistance.