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McClain Foundation Scholarships

Posted on: April 24, 2018
A message from FHS Administration, Mrs. Fromm and Mr. Voynovich:
"Today, we informed the students who are being awarded scholarships from the McLane Foundation. The McLane Foundation gave us additional money this year, so we were able to award scholarships to three FHS students. In addition, they upped the renewable scholarship from $20, 000 per year for four years to $25,000 a year for four years. Below are the award winners. The recipients and their parents have all been notified.
Benjamin Eyink: $25,000 renewable scholarship for 4 years ($100,000 total). Attending the Berklee College of Music
Samantha Jones: $10,000 one time scholarship
Attending Purdue University
Blake Tussey: $5,000 one time scholarship
Attending University of Cincinnati
We had close to 25 applicants and interviewed 10 amazing young people. All students that interviewed were told today if they were awarded a scholarship or not and we are confident that all of these students will achieve great things as they transition into the next phase of life.
Congrats to Ben, Samantha and Blake!"