Board of Education

Franklin City Schools Board of Education will meet in Special Session, Monday, September 21, 2020 at 6:00 PM for the purpose of selecting architectural firms to be interviewed for final selection.  No other business and no other action is to be taken.

The regular meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month, at 6:00 p.m. Hampton Bennett Administration Building, Board Conference Room.

Board work sessions are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Hampton Bennett Administration Building, 150 E. Sixth Street.

2020 Board Meeting Schedule

2020 Board Meeting Agendas


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2015-Jan-12 Organizational Meeting Minutes
2015-Jan-26 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Feb-05 Special Meeting - Retreat Minutes
2015-Feb-09 Work Session Minutes
2015-Feb-18 Special Meeting - Goals Minutes
2015-Feb-23 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Mar-09 Work Session Minutes
2015-Mar-23 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Apr-13 Work Session Minutes
2015-Apr-20 Special Meeting Minutes
2015-Apr-27 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-May-11 Work Session Minutes
2015-May-26 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Jun-08 Work Session Minutes
2015-Jun-22 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Jul-20 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Aug-10 Work Session Minutes
2015-Aug-24 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Sep-14 Work Session Minutes
2015-Sep-28 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Oct-12 Work Session Minutes
2015-Oct-26 Regular Meeting Minutes
2015-Nov-02 Work Session Minutes
2015-Nov-16 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Jan-11 Organizational Meeting Minutes
2016-Jan-25 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Feb-01 Special Meeting Minutes
2016-Feb-08 Work Session Minutes
2016-Feb-22 Regular Meeting Minutes
2016-Mar-07 Special Meeting - Safety and Security Minutes