Gifted Services Program

 Gifted Services---Caroline Ferguson and Jennifer Stewart—743-8601


The focus is on intellectual, academic and creative aspects of learning. Students are involved in higher level thinking activities and creative problem solving. They are provided with differentiated content/process/product, and other enrichment activities according to their ability and needs. For more information, see the brochures below. (Copies are available at each school office).



In accordance with Amended Substitute House Bill 282, school districts are required to identify children who are gifted in one or more of the four areas: *Superior Cognitive (overall Intelligence) *Specific Academic (Reading, Math, Science or Social Studies) *Creative Thinking Ability *Visual/Performing Arts Ability (Art, Music, Dance, Drama) Part of the process of identification includes referrals.  If you would like to refer your child, feel free to pick up a referral form from their home building. This form gives the district permission to assess your child for possible identification. Please return the completed referral form to Gifted Services at Hampton Bennett, to your child’s teacher, or to the building secretary.


Gifted Services currently provided for identified students by the Franklin City School District include:

K-6th grade---regular classroom setting---students are on a Written Education Plan

7th/8th grade---Gifted English/Language Arts (ELA)----students are on a Written Education Plan (Cognitive, Creativity, or Reading identification required)

Cluster Grouping; educational options; early entrance; subject acceleration; grade acceleration; early graduation


For information concerning early entrance, subject acceleration, grade acceleration, or early graduation, see the brochure below (Copies available at each school office).

-“Acceleration Policy and Procedure K-12”


Other advanced opportunities for identified students include:                             

1st-6th---Monthly Identified Enrichment (IE) pull-out for gifted students at their  home building

7th-8th--- Advanced Math /  Foreign Language (French or Spanish)  /  Visual Arts Flex with Digital Video & Technology (part of building schedule)

9th-12th---Honors  /  AP  /  PSEO  /  credit flex


***Please note that at this time, it is required by law that districts must identify children who are gifted.  However, districts are not required to provide gifted services.




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