FCS Cable Channel 18:

You can find it on Digital 99.5 or Display Channel 18 on a Time Warner Cable Box

The Franklin City Schools maintains this local government education access channel.  School and Community News will be posted to the channel. 

To submit send via email to:  cch18@franklin-city.k12.oh.us - Subject Line:  Channel 18 Message

Include the following:

Message in Word Document Format - Can send as attachment
Start/Stop Date
Party Responsible for Message
Organization Affiliated and Address
Phone - EMail Contact
I understand that messages may be edited for clarity and/or length.

Message Content Guidelines:

The Franklin Educational Access Channel (Ch 18) is for the use of the school system, local governments, and community agencies to share information of general interest to the Franklin area community.

Channel 18 may NOT be used to:

* Advertise, promote, or solicit the sale of products or services by for profit organizations.
* Promote sales or products for non-profit groups for communities other than Franklin.
* Advertise or endorse political candidates.