Office of Assistant Superintendent

DCozad pic 

 Dr. Douglas A. Cozad 
 Assistant Superintendent
 150 East Sixth Street
 Franklin, Ohio 45005
 Phone: (937) 743-8601
Pamela Holliday,
Secretary to Assistant Superintendent
Phone: (937)  743-8601

The Office of Assistant Superintendent supports the educational process in the areas of curriculum/instruction and student services. Curriculum and instruction involve all activities that are associated with student learning. This includes subjects/topics to be taught, instructional approaches, educational materials and other educational experiences. Student Services assists all students with special needs through the efforts of educational psychologists, counselors, the school nurse, speech/language pathologists, the media coordinator, the gifted and talented teachers, academic intervention teachers, special education services and alternative school placement services.

Race To The Top

District Educational Goals:

RttT Goals
All staff members will transition to the new Common Core State Standards and Content Standards to ready students for college and/or career by 2015.
Franklin City School will increase student achievement, 10% a year ,on District, State, and SAT/ACT through content rigor, formative/summative assessments, value added with teacher linkage and using data to drive teacher’s instruction by 2015.
Franklin City Schools will develop and implement an “IIS” by 2015 that will collect and analyze data that allows teachers and administrators to make data driven decisions to improve classroom instruction and student  learning.
Franklin City Schools will develop and implement a new comprehensive teacher and principal evaluation system and utilize the state reporting system by 2015.
Franklin City Schools will implement the “Teacher” Residency” program beginning in the 2011-2012 school year.

District Leadership Team Feb-Mar 2012 Newsletter

District Leadership Team Dec-Jan 2012 Newsletter

Student Achievement Recognition

In January 2001, Franklin City Schools established a Student Achievement Award to honor students who have demonstrated exceptional achievement in academics, community service, or character. Since the award's inception, 66 students have been recognized by the Board of Education.

Examples (but not an exhaustive list) of achievements that would merit this award:

·  Perect (or high) scores on SAT or ACT (minimum composite score in the 95th percentile)

·  Winners or district-wide competitions such as spelling bees and speech contests.

·  Scoring at the advanced level on four or five out of five of the Ohio Proficiency Test

·  Exemplary service to others, including heroic acts.

·  Three consecutive years of perfect school attendance, with no absences, no tardys, and no sign-outs.

·  Best of the graduation class, based on GPA.

·  Wildcat of the Year (Junior High)

·  State or National recognition in the areas listed above (academics, service, and character).

Any Franklin student, including those attending the Career Center, is eligible for this award. Students may be nominated by any district employee, Board Member, or by another student.

Nominations are reviewed by a committee consisting of students, parents, administrators, Board Members, and community members. The committee meets monthly.


The Student Achievement Committee meets to review nominations on the first Monday of each month. If you are interested in serving as a parent or community representative, please contact us.

Take the Test

"Take the Test"

Are you curious about the standardized tests that students take?  Visit the ODE website ( and search for Testing to see sample questions (and answers) from the third grade reading achievement test and math and reading questions from the Ohio Graduation Test. This booklet is in .pdf format.  Also, other testing information is included about Ohio’s Achievement Tests.

Taking Tips!

  • Get a good night's rest
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Bring materials you will need
  • Sharpen pencils prior to the test

Approach the test with CONFIDENCE

  • View the test as an opportunity to show how much you know
  • Don't let yourself become anxious
  • Take a deep breath to relax.

Keep your eyes on your own test

  • Don't cause unnecessary trouble for yourself.

When you begin

  • Pace yourself
  • Mark the answer sheet very carefully. Stray pencil marks can be picked up by the computer, causing the wrong answer to be recorded.

Types of Questions

  • Multiple Choice
  • Essay questions with writing prompts

Multiple Choice

  • You have to choose which ending or answer is correct!
  • If you know the correct answer, carefully mark it and go to the next question.
  • When you are uncertain:
  • eliminate the choices you know are wrong
  • are there any "key" words?
  • silly or ridiculous answers are usually not the correct choice
  • Don't go against your first impulse unless you are SURE you were wrong!
  • Don't eliminate answers unless you actually know what every word means!

Essay Questions/Writing Prompts
Before you Begin Writing:

  • Really look at the question/prompt. Are you sure you know what it is asking? Compare/Contrast, Describe, Explain, Friendly Letter, Argue, Invitation, Letter to the Editor
  • Think about what you are going to say, then make a web.
  • Write your answer in complete sentences.
  • State things as clearly as you can.
  • Write LEGIBLY! If the person grading the test can't read what you wrote they may mark it wrong.

What about MATH?

  • Do the easiest problems first.
  • Check you math answers for careless mistakes.
  • Your first choice is usually correct; don't change answers unless you are sure of the correction.

I'm Finished, I think!

  • Use extra time to make sure you answered all the questions.
  • Go over the more difficult questions and read them a second time.
  • Read Essays/prompts for accuracy first and grammar second.

Don't Let others distract you!
Stay focused! If others finish before you, don't panic; use your time wisely.

Think positive! Listen to directions! Take your time! There is no reward for finishing first!

Show Your Wildcat Pride!
Do your best on the test!


Testing Schedule

District Curriculum

    Professional Development

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